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Welcome to the web site for Wings of Albero, a free action role-playing game by Griffin Knodle.  This page includes the latest news, the game story, and the game's current development status.


2008-05-01: Version 0.901 is out.  Fixed a bug that your stats were not restored correctly when you loaded your saved game.

2008-04-30: Version 0.900, the first beta release, is out.  There's actually not that much that's new here from the last alpha release, sadly.  Most of my work went into polishing up what's there.  What's new: slimes, a boomerang, and the ability to save and load your game. 


Once there was a country ruled by a wise wizard named Albero.  He used his great powers to bring prosperity to the land and guide his people.  He continually sought after greater knowledge and power so that he could make his country even more beautiful and prosperous.

On a journey into the unknown depths of the earth, Albero discovered an extraordinary gem that called out to him with great power.  The gem shone with intricate patterns of infinite complexity and detail, and as Albero gazed into it, he felt as if he was falling endlessly into its depths.

Albero lost his true self in the gem, and when he returned to the surface, he had changed.  He now knew only power, and no longer cared for his land and people.  He became a tyrant over the country and enslaved the people and creatures, using everything only to increase his own power.  He sealed himself in his flying tower and delved into darker arts.

However, Albero had indeed been wise.  Long before his fall, he had realized that he or a successor might one day fall to the temptation of power.  So he taught the people powerful magic and hid several magical items throughout the land, including his most powerful magic, the legendary Wings that would allow anyone to fly anywhere, even to Albero's flying tower.  Albero then sealed them away from his sight and removed his memories of what he had done, so that no one could take away the people's hope of fighting back.

Since Albero's fall, many would-be heroes have answered the country's cry for help, but all have failed.  Will you be able to find Albero's hidden treasures and defeat him to restore peace to the land?

Development Status 

Once you rescue the villagers, you're pretty much done for now.  There will be a fair bit more to the game eventually (although it won't ever be huge).  The part of the game that you can play is probably pretty close to its final form.  In addition to what's there now, there will be three mid-game areas that you can take in any order, the area that holds the Wings, and finally Albero's tower.  More enemies, more spells, more items.  Several sidequests and lots of treasures to find.  Lots of work for me to do!